A Compassion Transcending Time and Space

This is our seventh year of organizing the ACC International Water and Land Dharma Function in Malaysia, ever since the first was held at Syeun Hotel, Ipoh in 2010. This year, the Dharma Function will take place from 15 to 22 April, at the Magellan Sutera Resort Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sab...Read More

This is our seventh year of organizing the ACC International Water and Land Dharma Function in Malaysia, ever since the first was held at Syeun Hotel, Ipoh in 2010. This year, the Dharma Function will take place from 15 to 22 April, at the Magellan Sutera Resort Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah in East Malaysia. Over the years, the Dharma Function has kept faith with these three principles, namely 1. Abide by tradition. 2. Uphold integrity. 3. Press on the journey while bearing heavy responsibilities.


A Congregation of Monks and Devotees 

1. Abide by tradition – we follow the requirement of the Dharma Function to provide for multitudes of monks and devotees with food, lodgings and altar site for a period of eight days and seven nights.  During which all participants are to observe dignified and uniformed attire in order to carry out proper event procedures with ultimate sincerity, to exude the most sacred benefits to relieve all sentient beings from their sufferings.

2. Uphold integrity – the procedures of this Dharma Function were laid down by our great ancient teachers with due considerations of all the sentient beings in dire conditions who were restricted by time and space. Therefore the Dharma procedures are conducted to be in line with the different needs of space and time in a manner that is honest and sincere.

3. Press on the journey while bearing heavy responsibilities– all spiritual beings are invited to be part of this Dharma Function. The great benefits derived from the Dharma Function reach out not only to our own ancestors and our personal circle of relatives, friends and foes. Ever since the function was first held in 2010, ACC has been dedicating the merits of the Functions to relieve the sufferings and pain caused by disasters and catastrophes that happened on earth in the recent two hundred years and will be further back tracked a thousand over years to let unsettled spirits and souls receive Dharma benefits. In the infinite light of the compassionate Buddha, it will help to set them free and attain enlightenment.

Buddha’s Allowance to Connect in Kindness for All

In the past six Dharma Functions, we observed strictly the principle - “Do not use Dharma as a personal favour. Do not take convenience for granted”. In 2016 such an effort is finally blessed by all Bodhisattvas and hence our seventh Function and altar offering site are able to be set up next to the sea as we had wished for. (The Magellan Sutera Resort is located by the sea).

In the context of the Dharma teaching, it is known that sentient beings who have fallen into the recurring reincarnations in the six realms, be it in the water, sky or land, are oblivious of their attachments to feelings and habitual faults. Land takes up three-tenths of the earth’s surface while water makes up the rest. Marine life beings are in multiple times more than that of life beings on land, hence there are many more suffering souls lingering in the water.

The purpose of having the Dharma event held close to the sea this year is to ride on the convenience of the vicinity to help as many marine life beings and suffering souls in the water as possible to reap the benefits of the Dharma enlightenment. This heavy responsibility will be borne by all participants of the coming event, presenting them the opportunity to accumulating merits through connecting to their kindness with sincerity.


Connect The Past with Present while Striving Toward Enlightenment  

The Dharma Functions organized by ACC has been carried with great courage, not sparing effort to save any soul. This year we are entrusted with greater responsibilities by the Buddha. Since the beginning of northern Song Dynasty in 960 AD, there had been many great ancient saints and sages whose virtues of loyalty, filial piety, righteousness and exemplary achievements had endured to this present day.

With the current peaceful rise of the Chinese people, now is the time that essence of Chinese civilization which had suffered under the Cultural Revolution, be revived and restored. We undertake to awake the pure nature of one’s heart to counter Western cultural influences and ills of materialism.

ACC International Water and Land Dharma Function is tasked with receiving sacred blessings from the Buddha’s above and attaining spiritual liberation for all beings on earth. It symbolizes a great history lesson that propagates loyalty, righteousness, filial piety and kindness. It aims to cultivate benefits that can bring happiness and relieve disastrous sufferings to protect the country and its people. It is an event that connects time and space through sacred Buddhist compassion and promotes self-cultivation that will benefit us and others.


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